Selling A Practice

Have you decided to sell your dental practice? We know the whole process involves intricate financial considerations and emotional investments. Let our experts guide you through it, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the value of your practice.

Services Practice Sellers Need

  • Comprehensive Practice Analysis: We comprehensively analyze your practice's financials, operations, and patient demographics. This information helps you present your practice to potential buyers in the best possible light.
  • Document Preparation: Our team assists in preparing the necessary documents for the sale, including financial statements, tax records, and other relevant materials that potential buyers may request.
  • Enhancing Practice Value: We provide recommendations to enhance the attractiveness of your practice to buyers. This could involve optimizing expenses, improving operational efficiency, and highlighting growth opportunities.
  • Contract Review: Practice sale agreements are complex. We review contracts to ensure your financial interests are protected and that the terms align with your goals.
  • Transition Planning: We support you in planning a smooth transition for your patients and staff. Our goal is to ensure minimal disruption while safeguarding your practice's legacy.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Financial Advisors

Deciding to sell your dental practice is big, so you need experts to help you make the process as painless as possible. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when working with professionals:

  • Practice valuation
  • Data-backed insights
  • Guidance through negotiations

What Makes Our Firm Stand Out?

We have extensive experience in dental practice finance, so we understand the unique financial intricacies of the industry. We are also proud to be more than just advisors but partners in your success. Our client-centric approach means your goals and priorities are at the forefront of our guidance. Simply put, we’re committed to your financial well-being every step of the way.

Ready to Start Selling Your Dental Practice?

You’ve reached a pivotal moment in your career, and now it’s time to embark on a new journey. DeMeola Temple CPA Group can help ensure your dental practice sale is a success, and the transition is seamless. Contact us to get started!

group of dentists smiling and selling a practice